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2016 Thoughts on a Grim Year

Where do you start when looking back at 2016? From the very beginning (Alan Rickman – forever Professor Snape to Niamh) to the very end (George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in the space of 48 hours) it has been one of mourning, pain and a fear for the future. Having a daughter starting high school and being a high school teacher I am all to aware of the challenges she faces in years to come. And it is her future I fear for, along with every child I teach and every child across this tiny rock orbiting an insignificant star.

Post Script…

Hmm, just noticed that this wasn’t posted. So, on February 13th I am now publishing this post.

Eve of the Cup Final

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, United being in the FA Cup Final was a highlight of the year and by the Friday before I would be as high as a kite. The thought of all Saturday being devoted to the build up. Swap Shop/Saturday Superstore would get in on the act, followed by reports from the hotels and coaches heading to Wembley. The weather always seemed to be great (although it probably wasn’t). Me and my Dad would have a “front room picnic” whilst my mum and sister stayed out of the way. It was basically Christmas in May for me. Even if United weren’t in the final I would find a reason to cheer for one or the other. (Of course now days I would hope for both sides to have 7 players sent off and them both to be disqualified).

The FA Cup Final was an event! Now it is an after thought to the season squeezed between meaningless Internationals (bring back the Home Internationals – I loved seeing Scotland beat England!) and the League Play Off Finals.

It is not even played at 3pm these days – Why???

So, come 5 O’clock tomorrow I will be in front of my TV (enjoy my ticket Lynne) hoping Niamh does not talk through it the way she did the semifinal, and praying we absolutely batter the Stripey Nigels (as Adrian Durham @TalkSportDrive calls them)