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She would have been 60 today, still missed by so many.

Whilst not a superfan by any means, she was responsible for…

One of the greatest covers:

Writing one of the greatest songs covered:

And being part of one of the greatest songs ever:

Forever remembered

Finest Run Of Singles

I was sat watching OMD’s Greatest Hits DVD and started to think, what is the finest run of singles by any artist (80s only). One of my favourite runs started in 79 (Roxy Music: Dance Away, Angel Eyes, Over You, Oh Yeah) so sadly I’ve not included it. I decided the run had to also epitomise the group/artist. Most of all they had to mean something to me (so as good as they were no Madonna, Michael Jackson).

OMD: Messages, Enola Gay, Souvenir, Joan Of Arc, Maid Of Orleans
Thompson Twins: Hold Me Now, Doctor Doctor, You Take Me Up
Soft Cell: Say Hello Wave Goodbye, Torch, What
Madness: Our House, Tomorrow’s Just Another Day, Wings Of A Dove, The Sun And The Rain, Michael Caine, One Better Day, Yesterday’s Men
Marillion: Kayleigh, Lavender, Heart Of Lothian, Incommunicado, Sugar Mice
Ultravox: One Small Day, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, Lament, Love’s Great Adventure

2016 Thoughts on a Grim Year

Where do you start when looking back at 2016? From the very beginning (Alan Rickman – forever Professor Snape to Niamh) to the very end (George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in the space of 48 hours) it has been one of mourning, pain and a fear for the future. Having a daughter starting high school and being a high school teacher I am all to aware of the challenges she faces in years to come. And it is her future I fear for, along with every child I teach and every child across this tiny rock orbiting an insignificant star.

Post Script…

Hmm, just noticed that this wasn’t posted. So, on February 13th I am now publishing this post.